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Founded, 250 Gold Coins, King Byzantine Picture

Some Israel archeology said that they had found more than 250 byzantine-coinsgold coins from seventh century on side of Jerusalem city. Olden Time Authority Party said that all coins are found between ruins area a month ago. The location is on a car park sidewall of South of Jerusalem.

A formal declaration, on Monday said that all coins are possible hidden in a jewelry site inside this building.


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Hit Against Mafia, China Create Special Troops

China plans to create special troops to against mafia that increase when China economics decreasing. China Public Security Ministry creates new special troops that focused on crime act, prostitution, gambling, and drugs smugglers.

Security party watches all possible crime act that increasing by unemployed increase and economic crisis. Liang Huaren, Professor of Social and Law Faculty of China University explained about immigrant employee that discharged from their manufacture had increase the number of China crime.
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Google Streets View Closed, Request by Japan

Many lawyers and professors in Japan request to closed Google Street View service in Tokyo, because it run into personal privacy. Google Street View service is a Google Maps feature since 2007 and provides street view between 260 degree and allowed user to looking some place of the city from their choice and metropolitans area on basic level.

Google Street View provides 12 streets in Japan, 50 Streets in America, and a few cities in Europe.
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Police Found Bodies without heads

eduardo-medina-moraPolice found nine bodies without head in Guerrero, Mexico States. A few victims are soldiers. All heads found in Chipancingo and the bodies found in different place. Police not a sure about this incident; are all heads fit in with the bodies?

Police identified eight of nine are soldiers, and another one is police officer Zeferino Torre-Blanca, Guerrero’s Governor. Head cut-off mode is a Mexico Drugs network ways to fight government and another security party includes soldiers, and police. However, police is not a sure if they are the suspect.
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Dynamites Found in Paris Supermarket

Paris Police found five dynamites in Boulevard Haussmann Supermarket in Paris, France. They found dynamites in men’s toilet on third floor in this supermarket. All dynamites that have not detonator placed in Printemps store. Before that, a threaten letters sent to a news office in Paris.

France’s President, Nicolas Sarkozy said that their government not gives any tolerate for all terrorism act.

A group called Afgan Revolusioner claimed responsible for this incident.

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Bomb Explode in Iran Restaurant

At least 55 people dead and 95 others wounds after get hit by explode bomb in a restaurant near Kirkuk City, North Iran, at end of Idul Adha big day. The chieftain and Iran vice president Jalal Talabani who is a Kurdi were meet in that restaurant, but they were find, because they were in another room in restaurant. But their bodyguard injury.

The bomb hit side of restaurant road, 15 Km from North Kirkuk, and 255 KM from Baghdad. This restaurant as known as the place that meets for many ethnics include Sunni, Kurdi, Kristen, and Turkmen.

Kirkuk Province has a lot of Oil that has 900.000 residents whose mix from many ethnics. Kurdi resident wants to add this province into their autonomy area on North this state (Irak).
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India Prosecute to Blockade Google Earth

India Prosecute to Blockade Google Earth
After all incident at Mumbai a few weeks ago, India wants to blockade Google Earth. Google Earth Is a site that can monitor the entire world by satellite and it has used by terrorist to attack some place, such as Mumbai, India, a few weeks ago.

An Indian Lawyers Amit Karkhanis submitted to India Suprem Court to blockade or close Google Earth services. Google Blockade demand has submitted from many party, include military party from UK, China, and Russia.
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Tourists Trapped in Thailand Airport

Tourist and Sport Thailand Ministry said that 240.000 foreign tourist trapped in Thailand. This number will increase every day. They are difficult to get out from Thailand, because all of primer Bangkok Airport closed by citizen according to People’s Alliance for Democracy a weeks ago.


Weerasak said that amount of foreign tourist will increase every day along their holiday end, whereas the vehicle to pick them up is limited. Tourist’s conditions are not well, they are panic and confused how to get their hometown, and want to leave Thailand earlier. The only one emergency airport that works is U-Tapao, 150 Km South side. U-Tapao is a military airport, but for emergency condition, it works as civil airport.

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India Low Action about US Admonition

U.S has informed to India about invasion from sea to Mumbai a week ago. U.S Intelligent has informed to India, if attackers will arrived on harbor. Several fishermen saw attacker toward at Harbor near Mumbai on Wednesday night ago, before they get in to crowded place.

However, Indian security authority is not response yet about warning from U.S. After the incident had done, some Indian Official retired from their position, included functionary of Maharashtra.

Security party had reached information about a piracy in Indian sea before. They pirated a boat and killed all crew. The one of them found with tide hand on back, and another crew vanished. This incident going on for more than 60 hours killed at least 195 people, and 300 people wounds. Terrorist attacked ten places in India, included train station, café, and Yahudi’s religious places. Continue reading

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Bomb Threaten New Delhi

After Mumbai, New Delhi gets threat by bomb. Indian Intelligent guesses a bomb will attacking vehicle in crowd New Delhi. A threaten comes form a group that called themselves Deccan Mujahideen from an email that police has read.


They will attack by three-wheeler vehicle. Indian Intelligent department has admonishing Delhi Police to increase their defense on Delhi vital facilities area such as three train stations, and International Airport Indira Gandhi.

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Mumbai Attacker targeting Thousands Victim

India revealed a terrorist group whose killed for hundreds foreigner visitors. India gets information from Azam Amir Kasab, the attacker who arrested after attacked in Mumbai. Kasab told that he trained in Pakistan and get order to kill until his last breath. Kasab (21) told that he attacked in Mumbai admittedly. Kasab told that he got an order to kill about 5.000 peoples, especially to visitors from United Kingdom and United States.


Kasab arrested near Chowpatty beach after police shoot on his arms. At the beginning, Kassab and his friends shoot randomly in Train Station Chhatrapati Shivaji. Kasab admitted if he trained by Lashkar-e-Taiba in Pakistan.

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