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India Low Action about US Admonition

U.S has informed to India about invasion from sea to Mumbai a week ago. U.S Intelligent has informed to India, if attackers will arrived on harbor. Several fishermen saw attacker toward at Harbor near Mumbai on Wednesday night ago, before they get in to crowded place.

However, Indian security authority is not response yet about warning from U.S. After the incident had done, some Indian Official retired from their position, included functionary of Maharashtra.

Security party had reached information about a piracy in Indian sea before. They pirated a boat and killed all crew. The one of them found with tide hand on back, and another crew vanished. This incident going on for more than 60 hours killed at least 195 people, and 300 people wounds. Terrorist attacked ten places in India, included train station, café, and Yahudi’s religious places. Continue reading

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What is Electoral Vote?

I always ask about what is electoral vote. I do not know about it, because I am not US citizen and I never have any experiences about it.

At last, I found the site that show what is electoral vote mean. Yes, I have the site from child education for Election a President from Ben’s Guide. Now, I know about electoral vote. Electoral vote is the last from 4 steps to reach the final vote to get a President and Vice President. In the Electoral College system, each state gets a certain number of electors, based on each state’s total number of representation in Congress. Each elector gets one electoral vote. For example, a large state like California gets 54 electoral votes, while Rhode Island gets only four. All together, there are 538 Electoral votes.

Let me put it across systematically to reach an electoral vote.
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