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Great Hosting Enterprise Class Cloud Computing

Joyent has been delivering web application hosting Infrastructure as a Service since 2004. Joyent is the only true Enterprise Class Cloud Computing provider. Joyent has three main products called Cloud Computing, they are:

• Joyent Public Cloud

This product makes you easier to build your idea in a production. Without spend much capital outlays and long term contracts by vendors. This flexibility also comes with security, cost stabiliy, and enterprise-grade performance of a dedicated world-class private dan center.

• Joyent Cloud Management

To manage Joyent Cloud, we need a powerfull control, and for the answer is Cloud Control/Cloud Management. This control can achieve astounding about 70% utilization rates and we give you an access to Cloud Control to manage your part of Joyent Cloud, and we also give you any possibility to set up and manage your own Private Cloud on your Intranet.

• Joyent Smart Platform

Build a web application by Joyent Smart Platform means you don’t need worry about the things everybody else is worrying about. Just write your code into Joyent Smart Platform and it will take care of the entire infrastructure your website will ever had. Joyent Smart Platform is open source; you are never locked into joyent in any way. We were looking to helping developers build great apps ont the Smart Platform.

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Nokia N97, High Class Smart Phone

Nokia introduced N97

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Blackberry Bold 9000

blackberry-9000-smart-phone1Finally on August 2008, Blackberry BoldTM 9000 officially entering to Indonesia. BB Bold had sold in Indonesia by XL package. Countries that have feel BB Bold technology are Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore.
From Blackberry Bold 9000 series, Blackberry wants to show a smart phone with many useful applications that it has, such as multimedia, office application of course, completely connectivity with high-speed data access (HSDPA), Built in GPS, Wi-Fi, Browser and many others. The body covered by black glossy and chrome it is so elegant phone.

To support multitasking system, this phone has a mobile next generation processor 624MHz, 128Mb flash memory, and 1 GB on-board storage memory. DataViz Document to Go bundled when we buy it, so we can editing Word file, Excel, and Power Point directly. Just like another Blackberry, it provides high secure of IT administration and mobile messaging solution.

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