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Tips to Watch over Cholesterol Degree

Cholesterol is fat essence that circulated in blood, produced by liver and our body needs that. However, if your Cholesterol degree has more than enough, it will cause some problem, especially in our heart and brain blood vessel. Everybody has Cholesterol, 80% produced by our body and 20% comes from our food.

High Blood Cholesterol is the one of many risks that causes clogging in our heart and brain vessel, and then causes heart attack and stroke. Moreover, the way to observe our Cholesterol and fat degree is check up our blood after fast for one night (about 10-12 hours).

There is so many ways to avoid high Cholesterol degree.

  • Create a healthy and balance food pattern with low fat and cholesterol diet.
  • Substitute your usual milk with skim milk or low fat milk, fat grease with vegetable oil.
  • Decrease to eat meat, eggs, and milk product.
  • Avoid to crackers, fried foods and limit your snack.
  • Eat more fiber that fused in water such as wheat, beans, and fruits.
  • Decrease alcoholic water.
  • Eat many fish
  • Consume soybean and another manner.
  • Do sports with your capability.
  • Put up with normal weight.
  • Stop smoking.

Living health to our next life


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Guess! How Many Phobia Do You Know?

I found so many kinds of Phobias from this site, Here.

Ablutophobia – afraid of taking a bath (cities syndrome)
Acerophobia – afraid of acerbity (diarrhea)
Achluophobia – afraid of darkness
Acousticophobia – afraid of loud
Acrophobia – afraid of height
Aeroacrophobia – afraid of out door and height
Agliophobia – afraid of pain
Agyrophobia – afraid to walk or across
Aichmophobia – afraid of needle and other pointed
Alektorophobia – afraid of chicken
Allodoxaphobia – afraid of opinion
Altophobia – afraid of height
Amathophobia – afraid of dust
Ambulophobia – afraid to walk
Amychophobia – afraid to scratch
Ancraophobia – afraid of wind (Anemophobia)
Androphobia – afraid of men
Angrophobia – afraid of angry
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Sleep Well

We need sleep to give back our body vitality, to relax, and renew our cells. Sometimes sleep influenced by aged, job, and emotion. In fact, people with high brain activity need more rest than people with high physical activity. Sleep influences our metabolism and stimulates assimilation capacity. So, if we take along sleep, we will feel bad, because our body will absorb waste and bad air into our body again, and the result our body feels listless.
Sleep position influences too to our healthy. Continue reading

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Take a Bath is Useful

Everybody knows if taking a bath is cleaning our body and make us relax. Nevertheless, there is another benefit from take a bath such as increasing our body immunity, and sparing from another disease. A New England Journal of Medicine shows diabetes victim need a half hour to submerge in warm water can decrease glucose inside the body about 13 percent. Taking a bath is useful for Continue reading

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