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Easy to Pray from iBreviary Application

Vatican had said if internet and mobile technology had wrecked a spiritual person side before. Mobile and internet are too loud to found quite places for connecting to The Creator. Vatican tries to be calm about their negative attitude and create a pray book application for iPhone. This application called iBreviary. With this application, Christian should not to carry their bible, or turn their page repeatedly.

Italian pastor, Paolo Padrini, creates this application which is apart of iTunes application provides in Italian, English, Spain, French, and coming soon Portuguese Germany languages. IBreviary included another prayer for daily activity.

Trial version from iBreviary had downloaded more than 10.000 times in Itali. This application priced for Euro 0.79 or USD1.10. Padrini said that they would make it free soon. Vatican’s Pontificial Council Secretary for Social Communication, Monsiyur Paul Tighe said that this application is a Church way to comprehend and used technology as a device to spread Bible to entire world.


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Hit Against Mafia, China Create Special Troops

China plans to create special troops to against mafia that increase when China economics decreasing. China Public Security Ministry creates new special troops that focused on crime act, prostitution, gambling, and drugs smugglers.

Security party watches all possible crime act that increasing by unemployed increase and economic crisis. Liang Huaren, Professor of Social and Law Faculty of China University explained about immigrant employee that discharged from their manufacture had increase the number of China crime.
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