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New Year’s Eve LA Style 2008-2009

Los Angeles, with all its diversity has a New Year’s Eve celebration for every taste and every budget. Here are some of the big ones. For more New Year’s events, visit

This information is for December 31, 2008.

  • The biggest 21 and over New Year party in LA is scheduled to happen under the big top again this year – three big tops actually. The Giant Maximus New Year’s Eve 2008-9 returns to the seven acre site off 8th Street and Figueroa in Downtown LA. Each of the heated big top tents will feature different types of music for different tastes. This year’s lineup includes a DJ set by Moby, Benny Benassi, Dirty South, Mark Farina, Mickey Avalon, Destructo, Dyslecticspeedreaders and more. In between the big tops a Ferris wheel and carnival games will provide outdoor entertainment.
    When: 7 pm to 4 am.
    Where: 835 Francisco Street (8th and Figueroa, Downtown LA
    Tickets: General Admission tickets are $65 advance. VIP tickets: $155 include separate entrance to VIP lounge and open bar, VIP Cabanas for 4, $1500
    Food: Drinks and food are extra for general admission.
    Parking: Lot across the street for additional fee
    Age Limit: 21 and up
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Lunar X Prize Google Winner

luna-x-prize-google-moonGoogle had the winner for moon land competition in San Francisco. The winner will get a price USD30 Million; they are scientist, executive, academism, that called NGL (Next Giant Leap).

For Leader System Integrator, NGL believing to MicroSat System Technology manufacture that as known as innovator for small space ship. Whereas Draper Laboratory as responsible of Landing Safety on Moon.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology believed by team as aeronautical and astronomical party. Include Jeff Hoffman, and Prof. David Miller which as known as Head of MIT Space Laboratory System.
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Hit Against Mafia, China Create Special Troops

China plans to create special troops to against mafia that increase when China economics decreasing. China Public Security Ministry creates new special troops that focused on crime act, prostitution, gambling, and drugs smugglers.

Security party watches all possible crime act that increasing by unemployed increase and economic crisis. Liang Huaren, Professor of Social and Law Faculty of China University explained about immigrant employee that discharged from their manufacture had increase the number of China crime.
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Google Streets View Closed, Request by Japan

Many lawyers and professors in Japan request to closed Google Street View service in Tokyo, because it run into personal privacy. Google Street View service is a Google Maps feature since 2007 and provides street view between 260 degree and allowed user to looking some place of the city from their choice and metropolitans area on basic level.

Google Street View provides 12 streets in Japan, 50 Streets in America, and a few cities in Europe.
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Found New Species by Google Earth

Google Earth

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Police Found Bodies without heads

eduardo-medina-moraPolice found nine bodies without head in Guerrero, Mexico States. A few victims are soldiers. All heads found in Chipancingo and the bodies found in different place. Police not a sure about this incident; are all heads fit in with the bodies?

Police identified eight of nine are soldiers, and another one is police officer Zeferino Torre-Blanca, Guerrero’s Governor. Head cut-off mode is a Mexico Drugs network ways to fight government and another security party includes soldiers, and police. However, police is not a sure if they are the suspect.
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