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Belitung Island

Belitung is an island in Sumatera archipelago. Belitung Island is around by beach on every place. Belitung has seven beaches, they are Tanjung Tinggi (High Headland), Burung Mandi, Tanjung Kelayang (Kelayang Headland), Pulau Lengkuas (Lengkuas Island), Tanjung Binga (Binga Headland), Pantai Punai (Punai Beach), and Membalong.

Tanjung Tinggi is a beach placed among two peninsulas This is white sandy beach, and it is special because there are hundreds of granite boulders spreading mainly in both peninsula as well as in the beach and sea. The size of that granite starting from a meter cubic until several hundred meter cubic or bigger than a house. You can climb, walk and jump among the granites to see exclusive view from every angle from you stand. The shape of that boulders are also unique, some combination form a cave, the place for you to escape from small rain. They are placed on top of each other to form a nice object as you can clearly from the picture.

Burung Mandi, is a name of a mountain in North East of Belitung, about 18km West of second regency capital, Manggar. Burung Mandi is the main holiday destination for people of Manggar. Burung Mandi has been a holiday destination since Dutch colony start established tin mining facility in Damar, the nearest village.

Tanjung Kelayang is famous with view from beach to a small island made from granite boulders, about 100 meters from coast line. The shape of that boulders island is like a bird. That may cause this place named Tanjung Kelayang (tanjung = penisula, kelayang = a species of bird). The size of that island is about 50m square. It is beautiful as you can see from one of the picture in here. Tanjung Kelayang is a penisula facing to North. The boulder’s island placed in East Coast, a white sand bay with several km long. It’s actually all white sand bay until Tanjung Tinggi for about 4km distance from Tanjung Kelayang. East coast is a good place from swimming, since the under water surface is also clean white sands. It’s also good, if you want to play in a wide bay. East cost is an entry point to Tanjung Kelayang, and here is only white sand bay, not boulders. From there people usually walk along a beach about 300m to North, while you can find group of granite boulders, spreading a long the edge of penisula and also in the sea. One of them is a bird looks island.

Lengkuas is a small island, place in North of Tanjung Binga village. Total size may less than a hectare. Surrounding the island there are several granite rock islands that you can reach by just walking cross the sea water that less that 1.2m depth. Granite boulders structure is also unique as other beaches in combination with truly white sands and several trees. The water is totally clean, you can easily see the bottom of sea as well as fishes swimming inside the water. It is a nice place for playing in the water or snorkling. The golden crown of Lengkuas is actually old lighthouse, built by Dutch in 1882. All visitor can freely stepping up to the top of lighthouse. It’s a bit tough, but it will paid-off. The view from top of Lengkuas lighthouse is just can not be described. It’s totally beautiful all within 360 degree of islands view and surrounding. Don’t forget to bring your camera, let’s picture tell the story.

Tanjung Binga is actually a village 22km North of Tanjungpandan and 8km West of Tanjung Tinggi. This is a fishery port and most residence work as fisherman. If your favourite dish is grill fish, please make sure to be in Tanjung Binga in the morning around 7.00. This is time where fisherman back from fishing. You can select whatever fish you would like to buy and grill at the hotel later on. Why you must do that ? I tell you the taste of fish that totally fresh and just come out from sea, is very much delicious than the one that has been in refrigerator for several hours.

Pantai Punai may becoming your interesting destination, especially if you are Indonesian and likes a little bit adventure trip. This place is in the South East of the island, in exact opposite corner with Tanjung Binga. Pantai Punai is placed in Tanjung Kelumpang village. You will spend 1.5-2 hours journey by car from Tanjungpandan. It is good if you are interested to see remote part of Belitung. The nearest town is Gantung, for about 35km distance in the North. This place is totally not developed yet. Beach in Pantai Punai is white sands and there are some corner complemented by granite boulder. It is not as nice as Tanjung Tinggi. This place is totally quite, except during weekend you may see some visitor. In front of beach there is a small island called Pulau Punai. If sea water surface decreased, you can walk to the island. This Tanjung Kelumpang area was main producer of coconut. This village is actually coconut tree plantation, including Pantai Punai. It makes a bit different than other beach, even though the view will not as good as Tanjung Tinggi.

Membalong is the name of distric in South West of Belitung island, while Membalong village is the name of distric capital. This area also called Belantu, an area with slightly different language than the rest of Belitung areas. Belantu was becoming different since these areas was not becoming target of tin mining exploitation. That cause development in this area slightly lag than others. But, after booming of pepper price in late 1990s followed by palm oil plantation and re-born of tin mining in early 2000, the living standard for some family has been improved and becoming more balance with other areas in Belitung. Membalong has not yet becoming common tourist destination. We only recommend this place for truly backpacker visitor or landscape photographers who do not expect decent and well equipped infrastructure.

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