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Bomb Explode in Iran Restaurant

At least 55 people dead and 95 others wounds after get hit by explode bomb in a restaurant near Kirkuk City, North Iran, at end of Idul Adha big day. The chieftain and Iran vice president Jalal Talabani who is a Kurdi were meet in that restaurant, but they were find, because they were in another room in restaurant. But their bodyguard injury.

The bomb hit side of restaurant road, 15 Km from North Kirkuk, and 255 KM from Baghdad. This restaurant as known as the place that meets for many ethnics include Sunni, Kurdi, Kristen, and Turkmen.

Kirkuk Province has a lot of Oil that has 900.000 residents whose mix from many ethnics. Kurdi resident wants to add this province into their autonomy area on North this state (Irak).
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