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Tourists Trapped in Thailand Airport

Tourist and Sport Thailand Ministry said that 240.000 foreign tourist trapped in Thailand. This number will increase every day. They are difficult to get out from Thailand, because all of primer Bangkok Airport closed by citizen according to People’s Alliance for Democracy a weeks ago.


Weerasak said that amount of foreign tourist will increase every day along their holiday end, whereas the vehicle to pick them up is limited. Tourist’s conditions are not well, they are panic and confused how to get their hometown, and want to leave Thailand earlier. The only one emergency airport that works is U-Tapao, 150 Km South side. U-Tapao is a military airport, but for emergency condition, it works as civil airport.

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India Low Action about US Admonition

U.S has informed to India about invasion from sea to Mumbai a week ago. U.S Intelligent has informed to India, if attackers will arrived on harbor. Several fishermen saw attacker toward at Harbor near Mumbai on Wednesday night ago, before they get in to crowded place.

However, Indian security authority is not response yet about warning from U.S. After the incident had done, some Indian Official retired from their position, included functionary of Maharashtra.

Security party had reached information about a piracy in Indian sea before. They pirated a boat and killed all crew. The one of them found with tide hand on back, and another crew vanished. This incident going on for more than 60 hours killed at least 195 people, and 300 people wounds. Terrorist attacked ten places in India, included train station, café, and Yahudi’s religious places. Continue reading

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Google Earth and Terrorists

As we know google earth is an technology that can search entire world. It causes bad effect if this technology used for bad person such as terrorist. We can see and reach all places from google earth. China and India Government had told about it, they said that this technology had bad effect if used for bad person or terrorist.


In Mumbai, terrorists are great hand at technology and they can operate google earth to observing Mumbai. They can operate satellite phone, and Global system Positioning (GPS).


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