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Mumbai Attacker targeting Thousands Victim

India revealed a terrorist group whose killed for hundreds foreigner visitors. India gets information from Azam Amir Kasab, the attacker who arrested after attacked in Mumbai. Kasab told that he trained in Pakistan and get order to kill until his last breath. Kasab (21) told that he attacked in Mumbai admittedly. Kasab told that he got an order to kill about 5.000 peoples, especially to visitors from United Kingdom and United States.


Kasab arrested near Chowpatty beach after police shoot on his arms. At the beginning, Kassab and his friends shoot randomly in Train Station Chhatrapati Shivaji. Kasab admitted if he trained by Lashkar-e-Taiba in Pakistan.


He trained three months to kill as much as he can in Mumbai. Kasad admitted if they had sailed from little harbor in Karachi city and pirated a fisherman boat. One body found in fisherman boat in Mumbai beach, it guess as terrorist victim. In addition, five crewmember killed and they get thrown to sea. Indian police said that each terrorist brought 6-7 cartridge and 50 bullets on them, 8 grenades, AK-57 rifle, and sweets fruit.


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