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Remember my posting a few hour ago?
Yes, my posting is about my PC Desktop that have many virus inside it.

My PC visited by an IT Doctor from my building. Each Company should have a Doctor IT. They are very usefull for our technical error, for example computer, network, and any others technical error. They can fix something about IT, and they have many way out to solve our IT problem.

My computer was not fixed and done yet, because he doesn’t bring any antivirus, so the virus still inside my computer but its better than last time. He will be back again tomorrow morning to fix up my PC. So I can finishing my duty. Hahahahaha…..

When He came to my place, The Doctor asked me “What is your complain?” (Just like a real healty Doctor)
So I answered “It works slowly, sometime hanging”
And he try to fixed it, but I don’t know what is he doing to my PC.
I don’t care, The most very important thing is my PC works being better… HAhahaha….

I still waiting for a Free Antivirus


October 28, 2008 - Posted by | General | ,


  1. Duh duh fi…

    Jangan ‘ignorance’ gt doooong, hehe…
    jangan terus terima beres, perhatiin, byar klo to PC cari masalah lagi bisa lo benerin sendiri…

    Ps: Englishnya udh bagus tapi masih kurang bener strukturnya (gaya bgt seeh gw, hahahaha)

    Comment by Tika | October 29, 2008

  2. ough may be you need Ubuntu.. i think that’s cool..

    Comment by sarul | November 6, 2008

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