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Finishing Step One

Me and all my friends passed form our collage on the year, we had finished the ceremonial (Wisuda) on 25th October 2008. I’m so happy because my first step to reach a dream will happen. And now I have a title at end of my name.

After finishing this study, I should doing something and searching a better job with primary status. So I can get a fixed payments, live better with myself earning, and try to save some money for my future. I need more helps from my friends to find a job, maybe they have a nice channel and network to make me easier getting a job.

My next plan after get a good job is study again. I must study again to get my second degree, and I allways hopping can study in foreign country, like London maybe. So I preparing to learn more English, reading some news about London, and searching about Scholarship in London, I need more recent about College in London.

Those all are not my finally plan, maybe my plan will be change, because I’m only a man who only made a plan and a GOD as the decision maker who will accepting my plan or not.

I can only hope and pray… do the best only….


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